A new personalized approach to laser vision correction.

No two eyes are the same. Like your DNA or fingerprint, your vision is unique.

Until now, your treatment was based on diagnostic technology similar to that used for the prescription of eye glasses or contact lenses. However, with Dr. Duffey's addition of the WavePrint™ System, we can produce a precise and more detailed analysis of your vision and provide you with a more personalized approach to laser vision correction.

With the diagnostic and treatment technologies of the WavePrint System, Dr. Duffey can develop a unique customized laser vision correction plan that addresses your individual needs.

There are two parts to the Dr. Duffey's WavePrint System. First, it includes a diagnostic device that maps the entire optical path of your eye. This WavePrint™ Map, called the "fingerprint of your vision," provides the doctor with precise and detailed information about your vision.

Second, the WavePrint System incorporates the STAR S4™ laser with two exclusive features: Variable Spot Scanning* and 3D ActiveTrak™ technology. Variable Spot Scanning (VSS™) allows for a larger treatment area and offers the physician greater flexibility in developing a more personalized laser vision procedure, especially when pupil size may be a consideration.

3D ActiveTrak automatically and instantaneously tracks the minute movements of your eye in all three dimensions during the laser treatment. This unique feature means you no longer have to hold your eye perfectly still, but can relax, knowing your treatment is precisely centered on your eye. The doctor uses these exclusive technologies along with the WavePrint Map to provide laser vision correction care based on your personal vision needs.