Our goal is to preserve and enhance vision for our patients through Commitment to Education, Training, and Technology and uncompromised Integrity and Caring by Dr. Duffey and his staff.

  1. Commitment: Vision, eyecare, and surgery are all complex.  We stay ahead of the curve by investing in education, training, and technology so you can be sure your eyecare is unsurpassed in modern medicine.
  2. Integrity: it’s real simple…we offer and provide only what is best for you and your visual needs.  On the rare occasion when we cannot help and another eyecare specialist would be able to better serve you, we will be the first to explain your special circumstance and direct you accordingly.
  3. Caring: We know your life is busy.  Ours is likewise and we are privileged to take care of many patients with complex medical and surgical needs.  We emphasize W-I-N: What’s Important Now.  When you are under our care, what's important now is YOU.