Congratulations... your wait for the best and most advanced LASIK surgery ends today.

Dr. Duffey of Premier Medical Eye Group brought LASIK to the Gulf Coast almost 20 years ago and he now combines it with all the advances gleaned over the past ten years:

  • All custom wavefront laser treatments
  • Ultra-thin automated microkeratome flaps
  • Femtosecond laser-cut flaps
  • High-speed 3-D pupillary tracking
  • Advanced technology preoperative screening and testing
  • Return to school, work, and driving the next day

All this makes for the NEW PLATINUM STANDARD in LASIK laser vision correction. Since you've waited for the best, there is no reason to put off Custom LASIK with Dr. Duffey any longer.


Patient Testimonials



- Ron Gring, Professional Golfer and Instructor, Fairhope, AL and Scottsdale, AZ.


I have enjoyed beach and water sports my whole life, especially, surfing, swimming, and boating. Needless to say, these activities and wearing glasses were not ideal. I often wondered what it would be like to see clearly while in or on the water. After many years of putting LASIK surgery off I finally made an appointment with Dr. Duffey. I'm not wondering any more - it's fantastic!

- Greg Simons, Mobile, 2015


Many Thanks [for the LASIK] Dr. D! I love my "new eyes." Looking forward to seeing you soon.

- Jo Bonner (U.S. Congress), Washington, DC, 2002

This month marked my one-year anniversary since my LASIK surgery. Only days after that anniversary my husband and I saw a movie together and I marveled to myself about the clarity of my vision as I watched. Afterward, on the way home, my husband said, "The eye surgery's been the best thing you've ever done, hasn't it?" I agreed and got a little choked up by the emotions it evoked in me.  I know it's been a year and you haven't heard from me, but I was a little skeptical.  Time, however, has only strengthened my belief that this was indeed the right choice for me.  God bless you Dr. Duffey as He's blessed me through you and your skills.

- Lisa Kirkman

I am so thrilled with my (LASIK) eyes! You went to school a long time Dr. Duffey and worked many hours. This job pays your bills and feeds and schools your family- day in and out you do this work- but to me it is a miracle and my life will be so different.  Thank you for your work and your encouraging manner.  God will bless it! So that you will know what you have supported, I am sending you a DVD of the work we do in Uganda.

- Lisa Coggin (Missionary in Uganda)

Hawaii never looked so good! I had an amazing two-week honeymoon with my "new" LASIK eyes. I went swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, bicycling and surfing!! My quality of life has improved dramatically, and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

- Zoe Lombard-Todd, Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, 2000


I didn’t need to be a brain surgeon to realize Dr. Duffey was the right choice for LASIK who genuinely cared about me and my demanding visual needs as a physician and neurosurgeon.

- Dr. Brent Faircloth, Board Certified Neurosurgeon, Mobile