The key to success to laser vision correction and specifically LASIK is thorough preoperative testing, unsurpassed laser vision technology, and precise surgery by your laser surgeon. Extensive preoperative testing is done by Dr. Duffey to determine the candidacy of each patient before surgery can be scheduled.

On the day of surgery, LASIK takes about twenty minutes for completion of both eyes with the actual laser component typically lasting between fifteen and thirty seconds per eye. The excimer laser reshapes the cornea by removing a quarter of a micron of tissue (that is one-four thousandth of a millimeter!) with each pulse. LASIK is best known for its very rapid healing response.

After surgery, the patient is driven home by family or friend for a three-hour nap. Upon returning to normal activities later that same day, vision is often excellent and comfort restored. LASIK is performed simply with numbing eye drops and oral Xanax.

Over ninety-nine percent of Dr. Duffey's patients are back legally driving a car the following morning after LASIK surgery and returning to a normal work schedule that first day. A topical antibiotic and a topical anti-inflammatory drop are used four times a day for one week following the surgery.