Fee Schedule

LASIK - $2250 per eye
PRK - Same as LASIK
Astigmatism Correction -  $2300 per eye
Presbyopia and Astigmatism Correction Cataract Surgery - $4000 per eye
These out of pocket expenses are not covered by insurance and depend on the amount of astigmatism treated and the particular Intraocular Lens used.

Other Refractive Surgery - RLE (Refractive lens exchange) and Phakic Intraocular Lenses. Prices vary according to procedure. 

Financing Options

We currently recommend the Wells Fargo Health Advantage® Credit Card program.  Currently, there are (6) and (12) month interest free options, in addition to others.  For more information on the program, visit www.wellsfargo.com/cardholders or call 800-551-5111.

Accepted Credit:

  • Most Major Credit Cards
  • Wells Fargo (see above)

Inquire Within

Laser vision correction is never covered by health insurance policies; however, some portions of intraocular lens implant surgery may be covered if the patient has a cataract.  Your workplace may offer a “cafeteria” type health benefits package that allows you to use “before tax” dollars for your laser refractive surgery, presbyopia-correcting lens implant, astigmatic keratoplasty, or Laser Cataract Surgery. The IRS has approved LASIK as a tax deductible medical expense.  Check with your CPA for details.

For cataract, other non-refractive corneal surgery, and medical eye problems we accept most major insurance carriers, a number of HMO plans, credit cards, etc.  If you have specific questions, please check with our office staff.